The Alpine Restaurant and Cocktail Bar is located front and centre in the Alpine Centre. In the morning enjoy our delicious buffet-style menu including freshly baked bread, cereals, bacon and egg, juices, tea and coffee. In the evening we have an international à la carte menu to tempt any palate, or you can enjoy one of our chef’s daily special 3-course set menus.

Eating and drinking in Austria is an experience not to be missed, the country has used influences from all of its European neighbours to create its own exquisite cuisine. There are many restaurants in Austria to choose from and near to our Alpine Centre the restaurants in Zell am See and restaurants in Salzburg all serve up mouth watering dishes for you to try.

Below is a guide to some of the dishes you may come across while eating out in Austria.

Von Gaumenfreuden, Schmankerln und Leckerbissen – Culinary Delights, Tasty Titbits and Tempting Snacks

A meal in Austria commences with a soup: Leberknödel (liver dumpling), Grießnockerl (semolina dumplings) or Frittatensuppe, the classic beef soup with salty pancakes which are tightly rolled up and sliced into coils, a tasty meat strudel soup or the typical Alt Salzburger Knoblauchsuppe (garlic soup).

The main meals from the Austrian and Salzburger kitchen are world famous and are sure to make your mouth water: Kalbsrahmgulasch und Beuschl (a type of veal goulash); Wiener Schnitzel of Kalb (veal) or Schwein (pork) with various side orders.

Crispy Schweinsbraten (roast pork belly) with Knödel (dumpling) and Sauerkraut; Tafelspitz (boiled beef) with Rahmspinat (creamed spinach), Schnittlauchsauce (chives sauce), Semmelkren (sauce made of bread, stock and horseradish) und Röstkartoffeln (roast potatoes).

Brat-oder Backhendl (grilled or baked chicken) with tasty salads. Zwibelrostbraten (roast beef with onions) or gefüllte Kalbsbrust (stuffed veal fillets). Tender local Lamm (lamb). Crispy Gansl (goose) with Rotkraut (red cabbage) and Knödel (bread dumpling). Leber (liver) or Blutwurst (black pudding) with Kartoffeln (potatoes) and steamed Sauerkraut.

There are delicate game dishes with complementary accompaniments such as nuts, potato croquettes and apples and pears filled with cranberries – as well as fish such as Forelle (trout) and Saibling (char) from the region’s rivers and lakes.

And then come the desserts!

Salzburger Nockerl the typical Austrian dessertThese include the famous Apfelstrudel or Topfenstrudel (apple – or sweet curd cheese strudel), fluffy Topfennockerl (sweet curd cheese dumplings), Wiener Savarin (biscuit base with rum, sugar and orange), Kaiserschmarrn (cut-up sugared pancake with raisins), and Sachertorte (chocolate cake with currant filling). And those that still have space after all these delights can also try the typical Salzburger Nockerln, a traditional Austrian meringue dessert. NOTE: one serving is enough for three people!

There is also a rich choice of drinks: a fresh beer from one of Austria’s oldest breweries (founded in 1492), a crystal clear mineral water from the Gastein valley, or a fine red or white wine from one of Austria’s ever more popular vineyards are on offer. One should also not forget to try home-distilled rowanberry schnapps, another speciality from the Salzburg palette!

Good cups of coffee, either a kleiner or großer Brauner (single or double espresso), a Mocca, a Cappuccino or Verlängerter (filter coffee), round off the meal! The coffee house culture has been an important part of Salzburger life since 1703 shortly after the Turkish left coffee beans in Vienna following an attack on the Austrian capital in 1683!