Where nature becomes a memorable adventure

Nature has created, in a relatively small area of land, bizarrely shaped rock formations, thunderous waterfalls and one of the largest cave systems in all Europe. Only 2 km apart – nestled in the Pinzgau Saalachtal – are three extraordinary natural monuments: the Vorderkaser GorgeLamprecht´s Cave and Seisenberg Gorge – better known collectively as the Saalachtal Natural Wonders. These attractions, created by Mother Nature herself, can be reached from Highway 311 or by bicycle along the Tauern Bike Path directly from Salzburg or Saalfelden.

Vorderkaser Gorge

It’s located between St. Martin and Weißbach and was first opened to the public in 1882. Some 12000 to 14000 years ago, when the Ice Age glaciers had already melted away, the current of the Oebenbach began to steadily eat away at the hard rock.

Todays gorge is already 400 m long, 80 m deep, as much as 6 m wide at the top and as narrow as 80 cm at the bottom. The utterly fascinating pathway through the gorge guides visitors via series of 51 footbridges and 35 stairways with a total of 373 steps. The entrance to the gorge is about 2.5 km from highway 311.

The trail leads through a natural recreation area with pools for swimming and grill areas in the Schiedergraben.

Lamprecht’s Cave

It extends out for a total distance of about 51 km, making it one of the largest cave systems in Europe. Cavers from Poland, who were here in 1993, discovered yet another entrance 2178 m above the sea level, which currently makes Lamprecht’s Cave the world’s biggest multiple-entrance cave.

In the section of the cave which is open to visitors, you will be able to stroll along beautiful and very accessible walkways about 700 m into the mountain, dropping a total of 70 vertical meters on your way to the spacious viewing platform, from where you can enjoy impressive views of most of the well-lit cave.

Also an unforgettable experience when it’s raining outside!

Seisenberg Gorge

The history of Seisenberg Gorge, which is located in Weißbach near Lofer, began some 12000 years ago at the end of the Ice Age. In the year 1831, woodcutters constructed a pathway through the 600m long gorge. Nowadays, visitors can tour this imposing natural monument along its well-maintained pathways in about one hour.

Known as the gateway to the Weißbach Nature Park, Seisenberg Gorge serves as an ideal starting point for numerous hikes, while a number of stops for the shuttle bus are located along the way. A hike by torchlight takes place once a week and, accompanied by live folk music, makes for an unforgettable experience.

The Gorge Spirit turns any expedition through Seisenberg Gorge into an exciting experience. At several stops along the way, it will share fascinating facts about nature and the environment in the area.

Weißbach Nature Park

A wide range of nature experiences are on offer throughout the year. Gorges, canyons, low moors, mixed alpine forests, along with broad alpine pastures and fields, create a wonderful mosaic of habitats. A centuries-old relationship between man and nature has left clear traces behind on the countryside, and can be discovered on your own.