A Wealth of Culture at the Salzburg Festival

By 22nd July 2016 June 15th, 2018 Blog

From 22nd July to 31st August 2016, Salzburg hosts its annual summer festival.

The programme offers opera, drama and concerts from West Side Story, Shakespeare’s The Tempest to Mozart Matinees. The festival is not aimed just at the older generation, there are also events especially for children and youths both from an audience and a participant perspective.

As the birthplace of Mozart, Salzburg naturally holds a special place in its heart for the composer, and this year’s festival is no different with 3 Mozart operas and a plethora of Mozart pieces in the concerts.

So if you have a love of classical music, opera or drama, the Salzburg Festival is a must-do and would make a lovely evening or evenings out.

Photocredit: Siemens Festival >nights at the Kapitelplatz © Siemens